Utility cloths

There is something to be said about using a beautiful tool to do a menial task. Out with the plastic broom with the nylon bristles, in with the handmade Shaker inspired broom with a wood handle and natural bristles. I promise you. This changes things. In evaluating my own useful tool situation, I realized a glaring problem. I typically had a microfiber cloth hanging somewhere around the kitchen sink area to quickly blot up spills or wipe things down after doing the dishes. This was clearly an opportunity for a tool upgrade. Around the same time, my mother asked me if I had anything that my father might use to clean his glasses as he had made off with the handtowel I had woven her for Christmas. Two birds, one stone. Onto my loom went a fairly narrow natural linen warp with thin white stripes at either side. The resulting cloth was cut into approximately 10" x 10" squares. I decided not to hem the edges, borrowing from Japanese logic, so the cloth would dry out more quickly. This was meant to be a utilitarian piece of fabric, afterall. After gifting my mother and father each their own cloth, my mother promptly bought out my entire inventory, including the two I had on rotation in my own kitchen. I am already working on a new batch for the shop (and my own kitchen!), so please check back to get your own utility towel. I'd recommend two.