Utility cloths

There is something to be said about using a beautiful tool to do a menial task. Out with the plastic broom with the nylon bristles, in with the handmade Shaker inspired broom with a wood handle and natural bristles. I promise you. This changes things. In evaluating my own useful tool situation, I realized a glaring problem. I typically had a microfiber cloth hanging somewhere around the kitchen sink area to quickly blot up spills or wipe things down after doing the dishes. This was clearly an opportunity for a tool upgrade. Around the same time, my mother asked me if I had anything that my father might use to clean his glasses as he had made off with the handtowel I had woven her for Christmas. Two birds, one stone. Onto my loom went a fairly narrow natural linen warp with thin white stripes at either side. The resulting cloth was cut into approximately 10" x 10" squares. I decided not to hem the edges, borrowing from Japanese logic, so the cloth would dry out more quickly. This was meant to be a utilitarian piece of fabric, afterall. After gifting my mother and father each their own cloth, my mother promptly bought out my entire inventory, including the two I had on rotation in my own kitchen. I am already working on a new batch for the shop (and my own kitchen!), so please check back to get your own utility towel. I'd recommend two.

Indigo Dyed Table Runner

Dyeing the yarn prior to weaving, gives the resulting fabric a beautiful and unique finish, with variations occuring in both the warp and weft.  

Jatoba Wood, Antique Gold Plated Brass, and Sterling Silver Earrings

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Earrings in mixed materials

These earrings combine jatoba wood, copper, and sterling silver. At nearly three inches in length, their dramatic scale is complimented by their simplicity. A light coating of wax brings out the color and grain in the wood. 

Sanding and waxing

My father kindly planed down some jatoba and curly maple scraps scavenged from his wood shop. From there I've sanded them smooth and will apply several coats of wax to bring out the color and grain of the wood. They are lightweight and beautiful in their simplicity.

Orange leather earrings

Curly maple pendants

Leather scraps for earrings